Videos for Small Business 

Our creative team will work with you to determine what aspects of your small business should be highlighted. We'll focus on what separates you in your market, and translate that to the screen. With tons of experience working with small business owners developing websites, or providing inbound marketing services, video production is yet another way Horton Group's small business expertise takes form.

Benefits of Video

It's been shown time and time again that webpages which contain video engage visitors more than pages without. Considering engagement is an ingredient in determining search engine rankings, incorporating well-made video has the ability to improve your organic rankings. HubSpot reports that a third of all internet activity is spent watching videos, and 59% of executives prefer receiving their information about a product or service through video over text and images.

Nashville Video Production Experts

 Based out of Nashville TN with a satellite office in Ft. Myers Florida, Horton Group knows the Middle Tennessee market intimately. Having over 20 years of professional experience in this area, we understand how to communicate your company's culture through video to this unique and special market.