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Dear Mr. Horton,

I would personally like to thank you ... I respect your leadership!

We would also like to thank Ron who played a major role from the beginning. His patience, mediation and monitoring of the progress has made it possible for the site to meet our business agreement. Undoubtedly, this site could not be where it is without the expertise and dedication of Micah who provided the “tweaks”, “fixes”, coding and most importantly the training. His passion and positive attitude is indescribable, and greatly appreciated.

Our thanks also go to the entire team at Horton Group. Should we need any additional functionality during the subsequent testing phases, we will certainly utilize your business services again.


Dr. David King



Dear Ned,

We are so happy with our experience with Horton Group; we have met fantastic people through you.....and they are all committed to service. We are very impressed.
And we thank you.
The website looks great! Thank you so much! Wow, I am absolutely impressed.  Rudy, thank you for all you are doing and have done. This site really looks outstanding. And thank you to all of you for doing this on short notice.
I look forward to communicating and going forward.

About a year ago Discovery Place, a spiritual retreat for men located in Burns TN., began looking for a partnership with a web design company that would help us reach our marketing goals. We were looking for a web design company that would develop a brand new website with up to date features and a modern design.

We interviewed several web design companies and acquired many bids. After much debate and discussion, we decided to go with Nashville's Horton Group. We were very impressed with their knowledge of current web practices and trends.

We didn’t know what we were getting into but we didn’t have to because the Horton Group guided us through every step. Every time we called or met with them, they always had the answers we needed in a language we understood. Today we are so pleased with our new website and we are continuously receiving positive comments from our Alumni and Staff.

Horton Group continues to give us support and advice in the ever-changing World Wide Web.

Thanks Horton Group!

Keats Komisar

Associate Director

Discovery Place

Working together as a team with Horton Group to build our website was a great experience. Each person did their part to ensure clarity and that they shared our vision. Horton Group was able to see our vision and convey it on our website and that was most important to us. From the first day that Ned visited Rolling Hills Farm in person to meet us to the launching of our website, we not only got the professional attention we needed, we made new friends.

Thank you Horton Group!

Thanks and congratulations, Horton Group, for hanging in there with us on what I know has been a sometimes fun but often grueling project.  The website looks terrific, and will hopefully gain some traction even on the impossibly short timeframe we’re operating in.

We’ve been impressed by your professionalism and good spirits and commitment to excellence, and we’ll look forward to working with you again.

Thank you!


Nashville web design and development customer

Kathy --Everything looks great !! Great job to you and Rudy and everyone at Horton . .


Hi Ron and Jake,

The website has been a huge hit!  Thanks again for working with us on such a short timeline. 

Thanks so much!


Nashville web design and web development customer

I highly recommend working with the Horton Group.  Their sense of style along with the technical expertise they provide resulted in an exceptional product for our organization.  Our logo design and website are esthetically beautiful, yet highly functional and flexible for our changing needs. -Dr. Steve

We are absolutely giddy with the services Horton Group provides. In an otherwise complex industry, Horton Group provides us with simple functionality - a website that does its job, and does it well. We couldn't be more pleased with the web development services of Horton Group.


This small business owner strongly recommends  Horton Group for internet and web marketing services in Nashville. Ned and him team are very down to earth and practical, and also very smart. Web marketing is one of those areas where you want to hire someone to do it. It's just too complex and too important to be left to my spare time. One of the great things about Horton Group is, they're a full service web marketing company, and they're right here in Nashville. As a full service web marketing company, they can handle web design, web programming, web hosting, and also SEO, facebook, logo design, even programming for smart phones. This lets me start slow and, with success, do more with Horton Group. Other web companies in Nashville seem to have one gap or another and, if that gap becomes an area that's important to your business, you're stuck, or you have to somehow coordinate two web development companies cooperating with each other. Good luck. One last thing, it seems that since Horton Group does so many different web services, they don't try to soak me on web design. Very reasonable pricing.

- Adrienne S.