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Our Marketing Team delivers results using proven inbound marketing strategies. Today’s consumers are informed and expect more from a website. Horton Group’s team of certified inbound marketing professionals delivers exceptional results, keeping your business on top.

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Your business created a website. Has your website created any business?

An area used car dealer with locations in Smyrna, Madison, and Nashville approached Horton Group to help them make the most of their online marketing presence. While the dealership ranked well for “buy here, pay here” + “city” searches, they were missing out on tremendous opportunities to attract targeted traffic, generate leads and convert those leads into happy car-buying customers. By employing strategic SEO and PPC campaigns, Horton Group’s Inbound Marketing Team helped them refine their goals and realize these opportunities. In just over two months, sales at one of their locations showed a 50% increase.


Content Marketing

Using proven, industry-specific SEO strategies, Horton Group works to improve your company’s website rankings, drive traffic and increase your site’s awareness on search engines. We help you develop and maintain the right content, identify powerful long tail and short tail keywords, write compelling blogs, use spot-on metadata and foster smart and relevant link building.


Social Proof

Our team of social media experts works with you to develop a custom strategy tailored to your brand, taking word-of-mouth promotion to the next and highest level. Social proofing, or the positive effects of online sharing, helps you demonstrate the quality of your products and services where it matters the most. We’ll identify and target industry thought leaders, connect with influencers and help you increase your social shares, likes, downloads, reviews and ratings.  


Business Listings and Reviews

We help you own your business online. Developing robust business listing profiles across a wide range of directories not only helps potential clients find your business, but it also strengthens your credibility, both online and in reality. The number of online directories is staggering, and Horton helps you identify the directories best suited to boost your local marketing plan and increase your SEO.

Last year was our best year and I attribute it to SEO. I'm hoping we can maintain our momentum and have an even better year this year.
Royce Williams
- Agency Owner - Royce Williams Agency