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Mar 02 2014

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Just like every person has his or her own unique personality, all the major social networks possess their own particular characteristics. Becoming familiar with the differences between each one is fundamental for creating a well-built social media marketing strategy. While...

Feb 24 2014

Posted by: Corey Lamp

A company’s logo is part of its identity and is one of the most important assets it owns. Making sure that logo does not turn stale is an important part of maintaining the effectiveness of a company’s brand.

How does a company know if its logo has gone stale? Here are three indicators...


Feb 06 2014

Posted by: Emily Fordice

Content is King in the Digital Marketplace

The digital marketplace is chock full of publicity-driven initiatives which go all out in attempting to grab your attention. And the easiest way to get attention, according to them, is to optimize, optimize, optimize! And what...


Feb 05 2014

Posted by: Emily Fordice

Did you know that 21% of traffic that heads to primary e-commerce sites actually comes from the mobiles?  Besides, the numbers of unique screen resolutions have gone up from 97 (2010) to a whopping 237 in 2013! Responsive web design is indeed the sole answer for you if you wish to...


Jan 06 2014

Posted by: Meredith Craft

Project Manager, Meredith Craft plays an integral role in the relationship between clients and the web development masterminds at Horton Group. Craft’s job is not for the faint at heart, but for the fierce and fearless. Craft manages project upon project with a...