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Mar 26 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

Inbound Marketing brings customer traffic to your website, but only if your business is using a cohesive inbound marketing strategy.


Set your Goals

Begin with a clear goal in mind, and start with a simple...

Mar 23 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

Search engine optimization is a confusing topic. Even the most well-meaning business can be hit with a penalty from Google for not following best practices on the Internet. However, as marketing continues to center itself around the Internet...

Mar 19 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

Customers are the lifeblood of a business. If you surveyed a group of business owners, the chances are that most would put having more customers at the top of their wish list. This could take the form of getting more leads, attracting more visitors to a website or receiving more telephone...

Mar 16 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are always evolving. Emerging internet trends challenge us to stay on track as to what is working. There has been a small debate recently over whether or not paying for an annual listing in the Yahoo directory is really worth it for SEO purposes. Does...

Feb 26 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

Social media is one of the most exciting tools at your brand’s disposal, and it isn’t only great for your brand. Your followers love it, too. They feel the warm thrill of human connection when they tweet at you or comment on your blog and are rewarded with a pertinent, direct response....