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Sep 16 2014

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In recent weeks, Horton Group’s content team has explored how different aspects of marketing and social media affect industries relevant to Nashville, including politics and...

Aug 11 2014

Posted by: Joey Dye

Some have trumpeted social media as the new SEO, and though I’d hesitate to go that far, social media can serve as an incredibly useful catalyst toward increasing your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are just a few ways to use social media to start...

Jul 30 2014

Posted by: Joey Dye

As much as it hurts to hear, customers are a lot less concerned about your company and the products you offer and much more concerned about their needs, interests and desires. To reach them through inbound marketing, you will need to give them content they actually care about. And the best...

Jul 30 2014

Posted by: Emily Gold

Facebook has become an essential marketing tool in political campaigns. The presidential election of 2008 proved that Facebook could be used as an effective tool for connecting with supporters and mobilizing voters.

And though Facebook engagement doesn’t directly result...

Jun 20 2014

Posted by: Joey Dye

You’ve seen the stats, heard the case studies, and are ready to make the move into content marketing. But how do you convince the rest of your company, who has focused strictly on traditional marketing for years, to start investing time, money and energy into a new form of marketing?