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Nov 24 2015

Posted by: Rebecca Daneault

Have you ever been smitten with a certain brand? At first, it’s all sunshine and rainbows, with friendly messages, helpful reminders and valuable offers. How thoughtful of them! Then, all of sudden you start getting bombarded with content. Daily emails. Constant social updates. Annoying private messages. The honeymoon is over and you want out.

Just like with dating,...

Nov 19 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

The term “top level domain,” also known as TLD for short, refers to the final section of a web address. It’s basically the suffix that follows the period in a URL. So, for instance, in our website,, the domain is “com”. “” is the second level domain.

So, what other top level domains are there...


Nov 17 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

You’ve worked hard to create and solidify your brand. You’ve also probably spent countless hours (and plenty of hard-earned cashola) on developing a stellar website. Looks so great, it brings a tear to your eye. So why isn’t it converting? Well, the truth is, no matter how spectacular your website may look, if you’ve not taken the appropriate measures to optimize it, you’re missing the mark (a...

Nov 12 2015

Posted by: Rebecca Daneault

Have you checked your Facebook today? Chances are you have, along with the 968 million other FB users who are active each day. From a marketing perspective, this is pure gold. In other words, it’s where your audience is and therefore where you should be if you want to reach those prospects.

But leveraging Facebook for...

Nov 10 2015

Posted by: Horton Group

For decades, Nashville, TN has solidified its place on the map as the birthplace of country music. It’s long been the mecca for would-be singers and aspiring songwriters who are hoping to break into the music business and make a name for themselves like so many who have come before. But Nashville is about much more than just honky tonks and karaoke bars. It also happens to be home to a...