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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever changing game. Our Nashville SEO digital marketing firm delivers search engine results using proven inbound marketing strategies within "white hat SEO" guidelines. Horton Group’s smart team of certified SEO professionals know how to deliver exceptional SEO results, keeping your website on top of Google searches and bringing quality leads to your company. SEO is an ongoing process not a one time task, give our agency, located on Music Row in Nashville, a call now to get your website moving up the search results pages.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A Nashville SEO firm that will rank your website in the Google searches that matter most to your bottom line.

SEO for Nashville car dealerAn area used car dealer with locations in Smyrna, Madison, and Nashville approached Horton Group to help make the most of their online marketing presence. While the dealership ranked well for “buy here, pay here” + “city” searches, they were missing out on tremendous opportunities to attract targeted online traffic, generate quality leads and convert those leads into car-buying customers. By employing strategic SEO strategy and adding PPC campaigns, Horton Group’s Nashville SEO specialists helped them refine their goals and realize new business opportunities. In just over two months, sales at one of their locations showed a 50% increase. Horton is an SEO firm that can help your business grow.

seo is organic but strategically so!

Businesses that want to build a consumer base can no longer rely on the traditional outbound marketing methodologies. The internet is rewriting the rules of engagement. Learn more about each stage of Inbound Marketing -- Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight -- and the strategic actions you can take to increase your website's organic SEO. With an increase in the right traffic your website will deliver more leads and business.

Nashville, We discuss SEO, Inbound Marketing all and more in our free 8-page eBook, available for download here!

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On-Site SEO

Horton Group's SEO Specialists will thoroughly research  your industry and conduct extensive keyword research related to your key services. We will uncover what your users are searching for online and then carefully optimize your website for these important keywords, also know as search terms. Skillfully integrating these terms into your headers, page titles, meta descriptions, and URLs will send the right signals to  Google and other search engines regarding the key content that you want to rank for.

Organic online traffic can oftentimes be the highest and best converting traffic, and it's important to capitalize on that by being strategic with your SEO strategy. Making sure your website's page titles are strategically optimized is an  important part of the "on-site SEO" process, but that's only a fraction of the recipe. Call Horton for more information.


Off-Site SEO

 To ensure your website is highly visible on search engines for the important search terms, you'll also need to manage your social media signals and build links to your important content. Your business should create a digital footprint online and search results will reflect the size and depth of the footprint created. 

Citations online, the listings in directories prevalent across the Internet, should be maintained properly. Horton SEO specialists can make your listings consistent across all major directories and this will have a positive impact on your website's search visibility.

There are many factors to consider is choosing the right SEO firm for building your online success story. Call Horton to learn more and see if we are the match for your company.


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