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Scott Piper



Scott Piper - Business Development

Next time you hear the expression “he thinks he knows everything” think of Scott Piper. Scott joined our team in the beginning of 2016 and since then has been creating and executing marketing plans for a variety of different business sectors. Originally from Princeton, WV, Scott graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Communications. Scott then transitioned his career to the tech industry after witnessing the expanse of digital media. Well played Scott.

He moved to Nashville in 1998 to work for the WB Television Network (now the CW), where he had an interesting career that included interviewing potential contestants for The Bachelor and attending a party with Melissa Joan Hart from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.

When not doing favorable pastimes such as breathing air and eating food, he’s enjoying the little things in life, like the smell of coffee wafting in his car on the way to work. Being an animal lover, he also manages an Assisted Living for Elderly Dogs. “It feels just like home,” Scott says; that’s most likely because it is his home.