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Paige Allen



Paige Allen - Operations Lead

Paige joined Horton Group's team after stints at American Express, Lonely Planet, and Asurion. She plays a large role in making sure projects are on track and getting results for clients - whether that's website builds, design projects, or inbound marketing retainers. On the business and operational development front, Paige analyzes how Horton Group does things from the moment clients come through the door, to when they sign on, through production. In her role, she helps the team optimize relationships with clients and figure out where the procedures can be streamlined to better serve the client.

A Nashville native, she holds a degree in public policy studies and political science from Vanderbilt University. An accomplished singer, Paige is a member of the Metro Nashville Chorus and has experience competing internationally like she did at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas last October.