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Ned Horton



Ned Horton - Founder

What Ned finds most satisfying about being at the helm of Horton Group is working with clients, addressing their needs, marketing their businesses, brainstorming and delivering new systems and web-based applications that can move their businesses forward by leaps and bounds.

Ned's strengths lie in his ability to generate enterprising ideas, along with a solid understanding of sales, marketing and target audience. He especially likes websites that tell a unique story with a magnetic design. He favors a variety of bright colors, but also likes websites that are clean and white. He understands when a website could benefit from video and when a content-rich SEO magnet is the way to go.

Ned is a media and communications specialist, born and raised in Vermont. After graduating from Bowdoin College in Maine Ned went into radio sales, marketing and ownership. In 1991 Ned received an MBA from Vanderbilt's Owen Graduate School of Management., the Executive MBA program.  In 1996 he took another path, opening the doors to Horton Group, inspired by the emerging media of the Internet as a "new and vital distribution channel."

He believes a work environment should promote collaboration, noting that many parts of his life involves teamwork, from what he does at Horton Group to volunteering as a coach for youth teams to playing soccer with friends after work. Ned and a group of other Nashville-area parents started a non-profit youth soccer association, Nashville Soccer United: 

On a typical day, Ned writes proposals, talks with clients and reviews mock-ups and prototypes. The end goal is always to capture the essence of a cutomer's business, product or service, just as he tries to capture a scene as an amateur photographer.

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