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Jason Hapney



Jason Hapney - Graphic Designer

Jason is a Graphic Designer / Branding Enthusiast.  Jason loves designing for new companies... as well older ones in need of a creative “kick in the butt”.  Are you passionate about your brand?  So is Jason.   Whether its a logo, print work, or web design,  he tackles every new project as if it was his own.  Having trouble articulating your “vision”?  Jason's entrepreneurial spirit gives him an edge on the competition when communicating ideas and design concepts with clients.

Jason has his Bachelors in Graphic Design from Western Kentucky University. Jason's academic background also extends to marketing and business courses, which helped in fueling his his inner entrepreneur.Favorite Quote: “It will cost nothing to dream, and everything not to.”Tools of the trade: Adobe; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash..... pretty good with a pencil too ;)

You can reach Jason via email at: