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Corey Lamp



Corey Lamp - Web Developer

One would think that Corey hailed from a taller part of the world, this man who stands 6 foot 1,000 -is capable of leaping over small design projects in a single bound.  Instead of using his body for profit (pro basketball contracts, modeling agents, etc.), Corey has devoted his years to the musings of the mind.  One might describe Corey as "friendly" "energetic" or "creative"- but these fall short (pun intended).  "Creative" is only a word. Creative cannot describe the early years of a boy who turned his math book into a sketchbook or a child seeking the dark corners of aftercare to practice the penciling of his favorite video game characters. 

Through his college prep years he dabbled in portraiture, landscapes, abstract painting (but never finger painting, because that's gross), and creating websites in Photoshop "for fun".  Later he learned this was something called "graphic design", and people actually payed for it!  While he may have grown up with a pencil and paper in hand, after a few years of classic graphic design education from Western Kentucky University, Corey graduated to keyboard and mouse - imbued with a newfound love of the digital. 

Spouting out from his uncollected unconscious comes brand identity and user interfacing delights crafted specifically for Horton clients, but enjoyed by the whole world.  When he's not modifying the design world for the better, he enjoys other creative pursuits - like rearranging the bathroom, and weed eating his lawn to sheer perfection.

In all seriousness though, he loves his work.  When a client's unique vision can be matched by Corey's skill set, it gives him a sense of satisfaction that reaches beyond just that of a pretty picture and a happy client.