Drupal Website Development

At Horton Group, the web is our home. We live on the cutting edge, designing dynamic web-based solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients, and Drupal is one of our favorite tools. We regularly design Drupal-based websites for a wide a variety of organizations, from schools to franchises, as well as provide ongoing CMS management to apply the latest and greatest in the world of digital marketing.

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What is Drupal?

Drupal is a php-based web platform and content management system that is the global leader among international enterprises, NGOs, and educational institutions. Backed by what is perhaps the world’s most supportive and innovative open source community, Drupal provides unparalleled levels of scalability, versatility, and data-driven functionality. We at Horton Group are strong proponents of Drupal’s technical prowess.

To put this in layman’s terms, Drupal is a web platform like Wordpress and Squarespace, but with a very different set of functions and strengths. For large, dynamic organizations, Drupal simply cannot be beat. Managing Drupal effectively requires considerable expertise and resources, but our clients have found the rewards to be well worth it.

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CMS That Stands the Test of Time

Out-Of-The-Box Functionality

It is truly difficult to find functionality that Drupal’s active open-source community has not already developed. These pieces of functionality most often come in the form of modules, similar to Wordpress-based plug-ins, but with much higher levels of support and compatibility. This helps us ensure competitive up-time and find cost-efficient solutions for our Drupal clients.

Complete Control & Customization 

Drupal isn’t just a CMS—it’s a CMS that gives administrators granular control over security, permissions, and functionality. This means that you will have 100% power over who can control what within your organization’s digital sphere. Drupal is unmatched when it comes to delineating and delegating responsibility within large organizations, making it a great productivity booster.  

Easy Interface For Modifications

In Drupal, major modifications to functionality are usually done through what are called “hooks.” A big selling point for Drupal, “hooks” are injection points for custom functionality that allow your site to interact with other sets of Drupal-based data in real time. The beauty of Drupal is that our ability to “hook” pre-existing functionality can save massive amounts of time and ensure sound solutions to problems.  


What Businesses Fit Well With Drupal?

There are many different types of companies and organizations that can benefit from Drupal, but the following are a few of the sectors from which our top Drupal clients have come from…



Few types of organizations can benefit from Drupal in the same way schools can. The ability to control permissions and delineate admin control amongst different divisions and departments is essential to the daily functions of educational institutions. Drupal can help.


Organizations working within the healthcare sector will often choose Drupal, firstly, for security purposes. The way Drupal’s code is written makes in an intrinsically secure platform, but it also comes with the added benefit of a great tool box to work with large data sets. 



Organization and security are both major concerns for governmental organizations. Drupal offers a level of security that is hard to beat and the kind of organizational functionality that massive government infrastructures stand to benefit from.


Drupal comes with sophisticated eCommerce capabilities and the capacity to manage dynamic multi-location financial tools, making it a great platform for businesses that are franchises. The incredible security and organizational flexibility doesn’t hurt either.