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Our skilled team of inbound marketers will whip your digital presence into shape. Managing citations and listings is a standard part of every inbound strategy that we craft. We utilize leading local listing management software, Yext, to ensure complete uniformity, unyielding professionalism, and maximum SEO value.

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Citation and Directory Listing Benefits

Managing your citations and listings is critical, but it's just one part of SEO. Complete transparency is important to us at Horton Group; we want all of our clients to have a comprehensive understanding of what they are signing up for when they partner with us.
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When we in the marketing world talk about “citations” and “listings,” we are essentially just talking about mentions of your business’s name and address on the internet at large. This might seem like a difficult thing to track, much less influence, but modern marketers have considerable tools at their disposal to control the information that is “out there.”

An example of a citation would be an online entry in the yellow pages or your chamber of commerce website listing. Even if there is no actual URL given in this entry, these mentions of your business have an impact on your website and your business. At Horton Group, we help you control the narrative.  

Consistent Information

Is your your business name an acronym? Do you put periods between the letters? Do you put “LLC” or “Inc” after your name? Do you put a period at the end of “Inc,” or do you prefer to leave it off? Are there certain parts of your business’s name that you would prefer to capitalize? Is there any ambiguity about the prefix and suffix of your business? Is the word “the” an official part of your businesses name? How do you write your telephone number? Do you use periods to separate your various groups of numbers? Or do you use dashes? In your address, do you prefer “Avenue” or “Ave?” Is there a period at the end of “Ave?”  

These might sound like silly questions, but inconsistencies in these small details can have an adverse effect on your web presence. There are thousands of ways for your information to be out of synch with itself, and it’s no small task to set the record straight. However, failure to do so is not an option for any business that claims to take professionalism or digital marketing seriously.

Risks Of Getting It Wrong

Informational congruency in your citations and listings is, most urgently, an issue of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To determine search rankings, the algorithms that power search engines like Google and Bing factor in a wide variety of variables with the aim of fully understanding the relevance and credibility the sites they evaluate. Citations are a key variable in these algorithms.

Consistency of information in citations from a wide spectrum of sources will go a long way towards securing higher search rankings. Google uses citations like these to verify your identity, so do yourself a favor and make it easy for them! They more sure they are that your business is 100% legitimate, the easier it will be for you to climb their ladder. Inconsistent, spotty information doesn’t just look unprofessional—it looks sketchy.

Also, keep in mind that it isn’t just Google that is using this information. Real people—each one of them a potential customer—are using it too. You need to put your best foot forward in order to secure their business. The last thing you want is to be missing out on revenue because your phone number hasn’t been updated.

Comprehensive SEO From Horton Group

If you’re looking to learn more about how citations and listings make a difference in an inbound, we’d be happy to educate you. This stuff can get complicated, and a working understanding the different roles played by each discipline within the inbound framework is important to choosing you digital partners.

We’d love to be that partner, but if you’re still in your ‘research phase,’ we understand. We’ll be here when you’re ready to pull the trigger. And, in the meantime, let us help you out by pointing you in the right direction with a relevant article about SEO from our blog…

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