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Constructing a Brand Identity

Many people conflate the ideas of a “Logo” and a “Brand.” This is understandable because there is some overlap. But even though graphic design can certainly help your Nashville company develop your brand, it won’t do the whole job. The biggest difference between a logo and a brand is in all that each idea encompasses — a logo helps a customer understand your company by the way something looks, but a brand tells a customer the personality of your company.

This view often strikes people as a little strange. Talking about personality is often reserved for referencing another person. However, it can be very advantageous to think about your brand as a person.

What are your brand’s values? What does it say? How does your brand communicate with customers? But most of all, how do you want your customers to feel when they interact with your brand?

These questions help a company get a good idea of their brand identity. This, in turn, helps them to figure out both how to interact with their customers while also learning how their customers like to interact with them.

What might seem like a simple exercise is actually a very important step toward developing your company in a healthy, smart, and intentional direction.

So why does a company need a brand identity? And how does a company create an effective brand identity?

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Constructing a Brand Identity

Many people conflate the ideas of a “Logo” and a “Brand.” This is understandable because there is some overlap. But even...

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