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New to Ecommerce? Here’s What You Need to Know

Josh Rank
By Josh Rank - April 20, 2020

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Ecommerce refers to the practice of buying and selling products or services on the internet. And the recent global situation has left many people and businesses with the internet as their only option for doing business. This means that a lot of businesses are relying on the internet in ways they never have before.

Are you one of these businesses?

If so, you might have some questions about how to best navigate this new world of internet sales. We’ve put together some quick tips about everything from ecommerce web design to how to optimize the shopping cart experience.

Welcome to the exciting world of ecommerce! Here’s what you should know.

It’s Growing

Ecommerce is convenient. Almost everyone has access to the internet in their hands at all times. Combine that with the increased prevalence of services like Amazon, and you have a large section of the population that goes to the internet first when looking to make a purchase. In fact, check out this quick explanation of ecommerce trends from ecommerceCEO:


As you can see, this trend is forecasted to continue its upward trajectory for the foreseeable future. Technological advancements will only make the practice easier and more convenient, which will draw in more shoppers.

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Ecommerce Web Design Is Crucial

Realizing the importance of ecommerce to your business is only the first step. You need to be sure you have the infrastructure not only to handle the traffic, but also to maximize your potential for conversions. The goal is to get them to make a purchase once they visit your website.

Ecommerce web design helps guide the potential customer through the relevant areas of your website. Think of your website as your storefront. Do you have products in the front window displayed in an inviting way? Would you walk through the front door looking to make a purchase? And once you’re inside, how easily can you find the products you need and the register to check out?

Ecommerce web design streamlines all of these ideas for your website.

Build Your Brand

Operating your business from the internet means you can’t speak directly with your customers. They are going to make their decisions based on what they can learn from your website and your communications. All of these things need to work in conjunction with each other to portray a unified and attractive brand identity.

You have something special to offer. You wouldn’t have started your business if you didn’t. And you have a set of guiding principles that inform your business. Communicate this with your audience through social media posts, website copy, images on your pages, and anything else that is customer-facing.

This helps visitors become more familiar with your business.

SEO Is Your Best Friend

There are over 1.7 trillion websites. How do you set yourself apart from the pack and convince people to consider your products or services?

You get them to come to you.

And the best way to do this is to get yourself as close to the top of relevant search results when someone searches for your industry. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. There are many factors that go into these search result rankings and an SEO expert like Horton Group in Nashville can help you reach the top.

However, it’s not just about getting eyes on your website — you want to get the right eyes on your website. Ecommerce is about making money, not just simply driving traffic.

Build Trust

It’s difficult to convince someone to spend their money. This is made even more difficult when communicating with a person on the internet. Security issues combined with the inability to see and hold a particular item before a purchase can give people cause to hesitate.

Trust is the best tool to get over this hump. There are many ways to build trust with thoughtful ecommerce web design.

You can establish authority in your industry by proving your track record. Display quotes from happy customers and include case studies of the work you’ve completed. Clearly display your return policy should a customer be any less than completely happy with their purchase.

These efforts can comfort a potential customer and lead them through the checkout process.

Pay Attention To Cart Conversions

Speaking of the checkout process, this can be a major sticking point for a lot of customers. There’s a sizable number of conversions that are lost at the last possible moment. Click here to read our post on how to improve your number of conversions through this last step.

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