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ROI, KPI, and marketing metrics

Need To Convince Your Boss?

As marketers, we work tirelessly to move the needle on what seems to be a laundry list of metrics, but 73% of executives don't believe that marketers are focused enough on results to truly drive incremental customer demand.  When it comes to marketing KPIs that matter to execs, expect to report on data that deals with the total cost of marketing, salaries, revenue, and more. In this free, 10-page guide, you will learn about the six critical marketing KPIs your boss actually wants to know.

  • 1Metrics Defined and Explained
    What are the KPIs you need to know as a marketer?

  • 2Formulas For Calculations
    How do you calculate these KPIs and apply them to your marketing practices?

  • 3Importance Of KPIs
    Why do those calculations matter?

Key Performance Indicators

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