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Trademark Services

Starting a business is a thrilling ride and we’re happy to buckle in with you. As a full-service digital creative agency, we make sure that you own your brand and your content. As part of our comprehensive branding services, we can conduct a trademark registration search to make sure your logo, brand and tagline belong exclusively to your business.


How To Trademark A Name

We work with lawyers who specialize in intellectual property to ensure your trademark registration and copyrighting processes flows smoothly. It’s our goal to protect your company’s identity and best interests.

At Horton, your business is important. We’ll help you trademark your business name, logo, tag lines and any related service marks. We have you covered -- 615-292-8642.

Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark is the first step to legally protecting your rights to a name, logo, or slogan. However, it's important to query the USPTO's Trademark Database to ensure availability before filing. Your trademark application must contain accurate and unique information, and Horton Group's team can not only flesh out your brand, but can carry it through the legal process to the finish line.