Horton Group is always looking for ways to make positive impacts in communities, governments and just human life in general. One way of doing that is giving out free hugs and puppies, another is the work we do with non-profit organizations. We are always looking to work with non-profits of all shapes and sizes to provide strong marketing strategies and valuable resources at rates your organization can afford.

Marketing for a non-profit seeks to achieve a higher goal beyond that of just making money for your organization and reporting high revenues to lofty investors. The funds you raise go towards your mission and the people involved helping that special cause. That being the case, we know that fundraising is one of the biggest parts of what you do as a NPO. Horton Group can work with your NPO to build a new website or plan a strategic marketing campaign that will spread your message to a wider audience and drive people to share in your cause. Your mission and purpose will be behind everything we create for you, whether it is a brochure or a new logo. Our team of developers can build in online fundraising systems, blogs and newsletters to the front end of your website that are be easy to manage and update. We also offer consultation and management for your NPO's social media pages. Everything we do from SEO to branding is integrated into a simple plan that will help educate the public, build funding and achieve your overall goals.

Speak with Horton Group today and learn more about how we can help you raise funds for your organization and spread your message - 615-292-8642.