Mobile & WEB App Development


Our custom apps are developed with a single codebase that can be deployed for websites, Apple and Google devices. We create powerful, mobile first apps that deliver a big bang for your buck. Using MEAN, a JavaScript-powered software stack composed of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js, Horton Group also develops next generation backend services for applications.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Planning


We have project managers that specialize in mobile app planning and development. They will help you focus your ideas into a plan with milestones and deliverables.

Mobile App Design


Once we have an initial plan, we move to the wireframe and mockup phase to help visualize the scope of work. These designs help focus the overall project.

Mobile App Development


Our team uses tools like Apache Cordova, Ionic Framework and the MEAN stack to take advantage of the latest mobile app development tools.

Mobile Apps Lean & Mean


Our coding approach is lean -- and MEAN, namely MongoDb, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Nodejs. These tools help us create powerful hybrid mobile applications.

Mobile App Deployment


Along with deploying to Apple and Google app stores, we can handle server deployments via Amazon AWS for backend services and databases.

Mobile Apps Support


We have highly trained staff members who can help you via phone or email with everything from content changes to technical support and server maintenance.



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Powerful Mobile Apps

We build powerful mobile apps that deliver value for your brand. Using multi-platform technology, user experience architecture and intuitive visual design, our team of designers and developers will create an engaging mobile app users will love. The MEAN stack is fast, flexible, light, stripped down and mobile first. Simply put, MEAN hits the idea versus technology sweet spot: if you can dream it, MEAN can help you do it.  Whether you’re bringing your brand to an app or unleashing your brainchild on the world, we’ll run with you from “we need this” to “that’s brilliant.”

United Methodist Calendar Mobile App Thumbnail

United Methodist Communications retained Horton Group to develop a mobile calendar app for iOS and Android. Horton Group’s Custom Shop used the MEAN stack and Ionic Framework to build a mobile app with advanced backend services.

ERMA Realtor Course Management Mobile App Thumbnail
ERMA approached Horton Group to produce an online platform for professional learning for real estate agents. The custom app includes classroom location, self-guided online courses and a custom designed app interface and logo.
Music Discovery App for Independent Artists Thumbnail

Songroove is a music app where users discover and rate new, independent music. After listening to a 12 second clip, users give the song a thumbs up or down. Top-rated songs climb the charts and artists can upload music right from the app.

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