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With the growing number of media outlets and the ever-increasing availability of information, creating effective marketing campaigns can be both challenging and time consuming. While these days we are known for all things web, Horton Group has decades of experience in designing and managing marketing strategies via all available mediums, including print, radio, TV and outdoor. Let us help you make your business visible and your brands trendy.

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Retail web designCreating effective marketing campaigns that reach increasingly sophisticated consumers is probably more challenging than ever before. Many developing businesses simply don’t have the capability to regularly manage an effective advertising schedule, much less develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

If you really want to grow your business, hiring a marketing agency to oversee some or all of your marketing could be the most cost-effective plan of action.  We will escalate your brand awareness with conventional marketing methods, plus our marketing firm will uncover worthwhile marketing strategies that have previously been overlooked.

Marketing strategies including Print, Radio, Television and Online Marketing - Horton Group Marketing Services has you covered.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a double-edged sword. Active online presence creates closer contact between customers and businesses, and opens doors to target groups not reached by traditional marketing. But at the same time, social media marketing is time demanding and requires constant creativity, which tends to retreat if competing with daily business operations.

As a marketing firm that has gone hand in hand with the Internet since it started flourishing in the mid-nineties, Horton Group has extensive experience and the proven ability to guarantee your success in social media. We help you create and execute social media policy, in line with the aims of your holistic marketing strategy. Get your marketing strategies updated and moving forward. Let Horton take this burden off your shoulders!

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Search Engine Marketing - PPC

If your company does not have strong search engine optimization (SEO), then pay per click advertising is an option for visibility on major search engines. Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is also an option for marketing on many social media websites as well as thousands of websites that participate in online advertising networks across the Internet. Horton Group’s paid search managers can launch a new PPC advertising campaign in a matter of days and will optimize your online marketing campaigns to drive pre-qualified visitors to your website.

Print Media

Don’t think the only place to reach your target market is online.  Digital media advertising is paving new ground, but under many circumstances there is no substitute for print advertising.  Newspapers and magazines have a long history in the advertising world and will probably be still delivering for some time to come.  Print advertising is excellent for presenting your brand’s identity in terms of fonts, colors and images. Many companies need marketing strategies that include print to reinforce brand recognition and growth.  Print still offers the opportunity to target your customers through niche publications in the same way that online advertising does and Horton Group has the marketing savvy and experience to make your print advertising work for you.

Outdoor Advertising

We’ve all seen them, sometimes longer than we wanted as we sit in traffic trying to get to work or home.  Outdoor advertising works because thousands of Nashville residents see billboards every day on their commute.  Unlike other types of advertising, you can’t change the channel or turn the page on a billboard.  For businesses located along busy roadways, a billboard can literally lead customers right to your front door.  Though billboards are not necessary for every business, if you think they are for yours, call us. Horton Group will design the graphics and the marketing message to make your outdoor advertising campaign stand out and get noticed. We will even negotiate the outdoor advertising contracts for you.

Media Buying

Horton Group’s media buying service ensures that our clients get the best possible bang for the buck while implementing their marketing strategies. By negotiating the most effective media buys, we maximize our clients' return on investment across a wide variety of media outlets.  Internet, radio, television, billboard or print; Horton Group will make your advertising dollars go farther with the best results possible.

Television Advertising

Online marketing may grab much of the attention these days, but television is still the media king.  Advertising on television offers the chance to reach a mass audience as watching TV is universal among all age groups.  From toddlers to seniors, there is usually something to watch on the television, allowing advertisers to target their products and messages to the proper audience.  If you need a marketing agency to help you navigate television advertising, Horton Group can help.

Radio Advertising

Compared to many types of advertising, radio is still a solid buy with good value.  An effective radio advertising schedule will often cost less and reach more people than other traditional types of advertising. The different programming formats at radio stations appeal to a variety of audience demographics. Marketing that includes radio means efficiency; your marketing planwill be targeting the audience you want to reach with your advertising message. Horton Group has its roots in radio.  We have “been there and done that” and we can take you there too.  The next time you need an affordable radio advertising campaign, you should consider working with Horton Group.  Let us put our experience in radio advertising to work for you.


This small business owner strongly recommends Horton Group for internet and web marketing services in Nashville. Ned and his team are very down to earth and practical and also very smart. Web marketing is one of those areas where you want to hire someone to do it. It's just too complex and too important to be left to my spare time. One of the great things about  Horton Group is, they're a full service web marketing company, and they're right here in Nashville. As a full service web marketing company, they can handle web design, web programming, web hosting, and also SEO, Facebook, logo design, even programming for smart phones. This lets me start slow and, with success, do more with Horton Group. Other web companies in Nashville seem to have one gap or another and, if that gap becomes an area that's important to your business, you're stuck, or you have to somehow coordinate two web development companies cooperating with each other. Good luck. One last thing, it seems that since Horton Group does so many different web services, they don't try to soak me on web design. Very reasonable pricing.

- Adrienne S.