Company Naming

Looking to start your business off on the right foot, or rebrand an existing company? Horton Group, a Nashville branding and marketing agency, can help create a name for your business.

Our process is collaborative and creative, and we make sure that your vision for the company inspires the brand. Call  615.292.8642 to learn more.

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Company Naming Process

Our process is collaborative, creative, unique, and proven. We combine elements of team brainstorming, association, design thinking, and other branding strategies to arrive at a name that suits your business goals. We make sure everyone involved with your project knows the vision and mission of the company, and approaches their work with passion and positivity.

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    canopy_south_bookTurning An Idea Into A Brand

    Download our Canopy South Capital Management Case Study and learn how we turned an idea into a brand, designed a logo, built a website, and more.


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    beginners_guide_bookGet Started With Inbound

    Download our Beginner's Guide to Inbound Marketing to get a nice introduction to all stages of inbound.



The Tin Cup Brand

Horton Group practices what we preach. A few years back, we decided to use our great location downtown to build a coffee brand. We started with just an idea. Over the past few years we've served thousands of Nashville coffee drinkers, and in the last year have started in-house coffee roasting.

Swing by and grab a cup. Learn more at Tin Cup's website!