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Jan 23 2012

Posted by: Horton Group

How can Horton Group’s search engine marketing services help increase your company’s marketing ROI? Search engine marketing will drive more traffic to your website and should reduce your company’s costs of finding new customers. When it comes to search marketing, what differentiates our inbound marketing strategies versus other firms focused solely on outbound marketing...


Jan 15 2012

Posted by: Horton Group

Before you even begin to build a website you need to develop a plan for attracting traffic to your website. This is important to do before you begin creating your website because you will need to optimize it to be “search engine friendly” so that you can rank high up in search engine results, otherwise you will not get as many visitors to your website as you could had you...

Jan 05 2012

Posted by: Horton Group

You have finally done it, you have created social media pages for your business. So now what? If you feel like the dog that caught the car, never fear, we can help you build and maintain your Social Media presence, and actually enjoy it.

1) Establish your new "Social" presence

  • You're on board! - You went for it and...

Jan 04 2012

Posted by: Horton Group

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a rapidly changing specialty in a Web-based marketplace where things evolve at warp speed. And in recent times, a lot has changed in a short span of time, leaving even experienced webmasters and entrenched online business owners gasping for breath.

The most dramatic event in SEO that happened in 2011 was the major revamp by search...

Dec 29 2011

Posted by: Jason Hapney

When people think of McDonalds they picture those venerable golden arches, not hamburgers and shakes. And when they think about their dream car they may picture the famous Mercedes logo, or the Rolls Royce emblem. These logos are the very embodiment of the companies they represent, and their importance in the world of marketing would be hard to overstate...