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Feb 27 2011

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Social media such as Facebook continues to evolve with new applications every day. It is fast becoming “the” strategic tool of choice for business marketing. Large and small businesses have caught on that social media vehicles provide real-time opportunities for connecting with an ever-ripening...

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Feb 20 2011

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is imperative to all websites, so that they can get organic traffic. Organic traffic is free, as opposed to traffic obtained through paid advertisement. In order to properly optimize a website for the search engines, business...

Jan 17 2011

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Reputation management is a hot topic in online marketing these days. Potential customers searching the web can stumble upon both positive and negative search engine results, and are more likely to click on the negative one. Companies need to make sure that not only their web design, but also...

Dec 30 2010

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No matter what business you are in, maintaining information about the people you deal with is vital to your success. Your contacts are your livelihood from customers, prospects, vendors, and suppliers to the employees who work for you. How do you keep tabs on all of these people? If you are...

Dec 27 2010

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Now that the tax wars are safely behind us, Americans can look forward to a growing economy in 2011. Small business in particular has great opportunities to expand its existing customer base as older, more established companies ramp up their spending even as new competitors emerge from the...