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Nov 11 2011

Posted by: Horton Group

With so many companies fighting for a greater online presence, search engine optimization (SEO) has become an essential part of the marketing process. A reputable SEO company will have the expertise to determine the best marketing strategies for your unique business. By using link building, social media optimization, PPC (Pay Per Click) management, and content creation, they can ensure your company, products and services are easier to find online. But finding the right SEO company can be a difficult task.

Examine Your Business Needs...

Nov 07 2011

Posted by: Horton Group

Have you ever been snorkeling? I was in the British Virgin Islands the first time I stuck my head under the ocean to look around and I was amazed. The buzzing, vibrant sea-world full of neon blue, orange and purple algae swarmed by schools of fish swimming in unison alongside countless kinds of other sea animals goes completely unseen from above the calm plain surface of the water. Entire systems of life were evolving and existing without my knowledge.

This is like Google; clean and easy on the surface but dense and alive once you stick your goggles under. There is so much...


Nov 02 2011

Posted by: Horton Group

One of the most important tasks in any search engine marketing campaign, whether it’s for PPC (pay per click) marketing campaign or unpaid SEO (search engine optimization), is building a list of keywords. Many business owners don’t realize what keywords are being used to find what they are selling. Creating a list of relevant and searched keywords can (and most probably will) cost you a lot of time if you do it wrong.

First of all, you...

Oct 28 2011

Posted by: Ned Horton

Creating effective advertising campaigns that reach increasingly sophisticated consumers is probably more challenging than ever before. Many developing businesses simply don’t have the capability to regularly manage an effective advertising schedule. But if you really want to grow your business, hiring an advertising agency to oversee some or all of your marketing operations could be the most cost-effective plan of action. As well as improving brand awareness with conventional advertising methods, an agency can point out worthwhile marketing strategies that have previously been overlooked...

Oct 25 2011

Posted by: Ned Horton

For any developing company, working with an advertising agency can be a crucial step in its evolution. As well as improving a company’s market visibility through conventional channels, an agency can highlight important marketing strategies that have previously been overlooked. Hiring a reputable advertising agency is only the first step. How do you cultivate a strong relationship with an agency to achieve the desired results? What will they expect from you? There are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your advertising...