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May 29 2013

Posted by: Horton Group

Humans have always had a powerful desire to stay fit.  Even the ancient Greeks and Spartans had their workout routines – how else did they get those stunning abs and shapely butts? Today there are so many fitness regiments to choose from many have difficulty separating what is gimmick from what...


May 24 2013

Posted by: Horton Group

For the price of a Super Bowl Ad (4mil), a brand can buy a promoted trend on Twitter for almost three weeks. Given the audience of advertising’s most coveted placement, it may seem like an unbalanced hypothetical to ponder. But more and more advertisers are exploring the potentially undervalued...


May 21 2013

Posted by: Bryan Sayers

Horton Group offers these SEO tips – some best practices for search engine optimization. Our clients want to know what they can do to improve their SEO, but also where they can be penalized. For your search engine optimization enrichment here is a starter list of 10 useful...

May 09 2013

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Marketing has taken on a whole new life.  With the advent of technologies that have made connecting with once hard to reach audiences effortless, strategies have shifted and new tactics have emerged.

Outbound marketing, a somewhat archaic form of marketing communications, has taken a back...


Apr 29 2013

Posted by: Michael Jones

Once a year digital media fans, enthusiasts and practitioners alike from around the Mid-South come together in Nashville for the most popular “unconference” of the year.  PodCamp Nashville is truly a highlight for digital media mavens of all kinds: masters of creative content & design,...