Horton Blog

Jul 05 2013

The benefits of blogging are abundant.  Most importantly, recent changes within search engines make the need for quality content extremely important for any business with a web presence.  Blogging allows businesses and organizations to circulate new content on a regular basis and...


Jul 02 2013

Posted by: Michelle Kraker

Vine was having it’s big moment in the spotlight, when Facebook stepped up to the platform and interrupted by basically shouting, “Vine, I’m gonna let you finish, but Instagram is the best app of all time!” Think shades of Kayne West interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV Video...


Jul 01 2013

Posted by: Horton Group

Just when we thought Vine was the biggest thing to hit multimedia for portable devices, Instagram up and rocks the boat with the addition of video.  And now as if Google search wasn’t enough, Facebook is stepping up to the plate and taking a huge chop at ...


Jun 26 2013

Posted by: Terry Reeves

Email marketing is the one proven marketing strategy that many small businesses overlook. It’s cheap, accessible and, with the growth of Social Media, a very effective way to share your message with your customers and their...

Jun 18 2013

One of the most important elements to your positioning within Google's local business listings, commonly called the local box, is getting reviews from customers directly on your Google Places business page.  Along with making sure all of...