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Jul 11 2012

Posted by: Horton Group

Having the ability to complete transactions online offers a bundle of benefits for retailers, businesses and organizations of all kinds.  Whether you are a non-profit seeking better ways to take donations online or a retailer joining the wide world of e-commerce you need...


May 29 2012

Posted by: Tony Bates

I have heard some people say that they do not spend any time on LinkedIn because they are not very good at selling themselves. My reaction to this thinking is always the same - "your profile does the selling" and "you must not be doing it right."

If handled properly,...

May 16 2012

Posted by: Tony Bates

A lot of people think that social media is just another way to “get the word out,” and they think that there really is no way of knowing how well they are doing that. Well, social media is a lot more than just "getting the word out.” More importantly, there are ways we can measure how effective...

Apr 24 2012

Posted by: Tony Bates

If your business relies heavily upon its website and eCommerce in general, there are certain things that you should keep in mind if you want to keep the lights on and prosper. Below are five issues that you may be facing and that if not addressed, will pretty much assure...

Apr 19 2012

Posted by: Tony Bates

My neighbor is an artist, and I really like her paintings. When I was walking past her house the other day, she yelled from her porch, “I’m having a private show next month and you’re invited.” I stopped and talked with her, and by doing so, I found out the date, time, and location of the show....